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No Account / No Mobile App

Simply use a Medical ID card with a personal identification number, patients can easily gain access to their data, analytics, and connect with doctors or Global Telecare staffs and specialists.

  • Join without mobile app
  • Join without signing in
  • Connect securely with simply a Smartphone & Internet
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No technological knowledge required

No App installation. Clean, short, and user-focused interface to simplify the doctor picking process. Even though we have packed our features into fully automated operations, our priorities are always user experience and simplicity.

  • Scan Medical ID with Smartphone Camera
  • Choose desired doctor
  • Start conversing
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Remote Medical Care

Using advanced techonologies to create gateways connecting patients and doctors.


Use the technological advances of recent years to provide improved and more efficient delivery of healthcare


Health care quality and patient safety are central to our mission and efforts to improve the health of all Americans.

How to apply

Above you will find ways to apply for Global Medical ID. Your choices to apply are By Mail, In Person, or Online.

Expand your network

Unlike other Remote Medical Care solutions, we aim to give EVERYONE in the world access to quality medical services.

Text messaging

1-Text messaging

Connect to or leave a message for our network of specialized doctors worldwide.

Secure connection

Information shared between patients and doctors are protected by encrypted intermediate server sandboxes.

High speed

"Peer to Peer" connection protocols are optimized for unobstructed connection speed.

Secure storage

Protect important personal records and become able to safely access your data from anywhere.


Form a Long Lasting Relationship Between Patient and Doctor.

Dr. Anthony Nguyen
Dr. Jayendra Shah
Dr. Dana Churchill
Dr. Vu Tran
Dr. Nguyen Song Anh Tu
Dr. Kevin Do
Binh Mach, NP-C
Dr. Kevin Mai

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